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Working with E-Mail
Chapter 20
Communicating with Outlook E-Mail
Reply to Everyone
Click Reply All if you want to send your reply
to everyone who received the original message.
Send button
Figure 20-8
Download pictures from an e-mail.
Replying to a Message
Many e-mail messages you receive will require a
response from you. What makes replying easy is
that you don’t need to know the recipients e-mail
address to reply to a message. Here comes one!
And, it’s asking you for information. To reply to an
e-mail, follow these steps:
Figure 20-9
Replying to an e-mail message.
Click Mail in the Navigation Pane.
Don’t Use All Capital Letters
2. Click the folder containing the message to
which you want to reply.
Do not type your reply in ALL CAPITAL
LETTERS. In the world of e-mail, that’s
considered shouting and makes some people very
angry. I also don’t recommend you type in all
lowercase letters either. That’s considered
being lazy. Take your time and do it right.
3. In the message list, click the message to
which you want to reply.
4. Click Home>Respond>Reply. Outlook opens
a window containing the original message,
and the insertion point appears above the
original message, waiting for you to type
your reply (see Figure 20-9).
6. Click the Send button to the left of the
recipient’s e-mail address. Outlook places the
message in your Outbox. The next time Outlook
automatically checks for incoming messages,
it will send your reply and store a copy of it
in the Sent Items folder.
5. Type your reply.
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