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Working with E-Mail
4. Click Home>Respond>Forward. Outlook
displays the message in a window, with the
Insertion point appearing in the To box (see
Figure 20-10).
Send Immediately
You can make Outlook send the message
immediately if you click Send/Receive>Send
& Receive>Send/Receive All Folders.
Forwarding a Message
Suppose Mary just sent you an e-mail message that
contains information that you know would be
valuable or interesting to John. Without having to
retype the e-mail contents, you can forward the
message to John by following these steps:
Figure 20-10
Forwarding a message.
These steps assume that you have stored
email addresses in your Contacts list (you can
read about creating contacts in Chapter 21).
If you have not stored an e-mail address in
your Contacts list, type the e-mail address of
the person to whom you want to send the
message in Step 5. Then, skip to Step 10.
5. Click the To button. Outlook displays the
Select Names: Contacts dialog box shown in
Figure 20-11.
Click Mail in the Navigation Pane.
2. Click the folder containing the message you
want to forward.
3. In the message list, click the message you
want to forward.
Figure 20-11
Use this dialog box to select contacts when you
forward a message.
If you forward a message that contained
images that you didn’t download, the
pictures are not forwarded to your recipient.
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