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Working with E-Mail
Chapter 20
Communicating with Outlook E-Mail
Click the name of the person to whom you
want to forward the message. Or, you can
type some characters of the person’s name
and Outlook will find the nearest match.
What Folder?
Depending on what e-mail you are using,
you may see a Deleted Items folder or a
Trash folder. In the example of using Gmail,
Outlook calls it a Trash folder.
Once you have highlighted the correct
contact’s name, click the To -> button. Outlook
adds the recipient in the To -> text box.
Repeat Steps 6 and 7 for each recipient to
whom you want to forward the message.
In the interest of good housekeeping, you should
periodically empty the contents of the Deleted
Items folder. To delete the messages in the Deleted
Items folder, right-click the Deleted Items folder
and choose Empty Folder from the resulting
shortcut menu shown in Figure 20-12. A confirmation
message will appear; click Yes.
Click OK. Outlook redisplays the message
Optionally, in the body of the e-mail, add
any additional message.
Delete Other Addresses
Do your friends a huge favor! If the e-mail
you are forwarding has other people’s e-mail
addresses in it, delete those names and
e-mail information from the message before
you click the Send button!
Click Send. Outlook places the message in
your Outbox and sends it the next time it
checks for new messages. Outlook stores a
copy of the sent message in the Sent Items
Figure 20-12
Cleaning up the Deleted Items folder.
Deleting a Message
Once you finish reading a message, replying to it,
and forwarding it, you may want to delete it. The
concept here is that you don’t need the message
around for anything anymore. To delete a message,
click it in the message pane of the Inbox (or
whatever folder contains the message) and then click
Home>Delete>Delete or press the Delete key on
your keyboard. Outlook moves the message to the
Deleted Items folder.
Creating a New Message
Although you can’t send physical objects such as a
sample of your product, you can send letters,
pictures, and computer files. So if you have something
that you want to tell somebody and you don’t have
a message to reply to or forward, it’s not a problem.
Create your own message by following these steps:
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