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Working with E-Mail
Click Mail in the Navigation Pane.
8. In the Subject line, type something that
summarizes the purpose of the message.
Although you don’t have to put a subject in
the message, many e-mail programs
automatically consider them spam and may
either delete them or put them into a special
junk mail folder.
2. Click Home>New>New E-mail. Outlook
displays an empty message window.
3. Type the e-mail address of the person to
whom you want to send a message in the To
box or, if you’ve stored the e-mail address in
your Contacts list, click the To button.
Outlook displays the Select Names: Contacts
dialog box.
9. In the large white message box, type your
message as seen in Figure 20-13. You can
format your text by selecting it and choosing
options from the Format Text tab.
4. Click the name of the person to whom you
want to send the message. Or, you can type
some characters of the person’s name and
Outlook will find the nearest match.
5. Once you have highlighted the correct
contact’s name, click the To -> button. Outlook
adds the recipient in the To -> text box.
Send to Multiple Contacts
You can send a message to multiple
recipients. If you’re using the Contacts list, just
keep selecting names. Outlook separates
them with a semicolon. You can also select
contacts for the Cc: line. The Cc: (which stand
for Carbon Copy) is a secondary recipient.
Finally, you can enter contacts on the Bcc:
line. Recipients on the To: and the Cc: line
cannot see the names listed on the Bcc: line,
which, by the way, means Blind Carbon Copy.
Figure 20-13
Creating a new message.
Spell Check
Nothing makes you look as bad as a
misspelled word. Double-check your spelling by
choosing Review>Proofing>Spelling and
6. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 for each recipient to
whom you want to send the message.
Click Send. Outlook places the message in
your Outbox and sends it the next time it
checks for new messages. Outlook stores a
copy of the sent message in the Sent Items
Click OK. Outlook redisplays the message
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