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Working with E-Mail Attachments
Sending an E-Mail Attachment
Okay, now it’s your turn. You need to send a file to
someone. Or, you want to send an Outlook item
(task, contact, and so on) to someone. No problem.
Follow the steps to create, reply to, or forward an
e-mail message described earlier in this chapter,
but don’t click the Send button yet. Choose
Message>Include (see Figure 20-16) and then click
one of the items shown in Table 20-1.
Attach File Attach Items Signature
Figure 20-15
Previewing an attachment.
Figure 20-16
The Message Ribbon.
Click Attach Item Arrow
If you don’t have the program that created
the attachment installed on your
computer, you’ll see an error message. You won’t
be able to open the attachment until you
install the program that created it or a
viewer for that program.
To attach a business card, calendar, or
Outlook item, you must first click the Attach
Item Arrow.
After you select and attach the appropriate item,
click the Send button. Outlook places the message
in your Outbox and sends it the next time it checks
for new messages. Outlook also places a copy of
the sent message in the Sent Items folder.
If you need to save the attachment you receive for
future reference, you can right-click it and choose
Save As. In the Save Attachment window, navigate
to the folder on your computer where you want to
keep the attachment and then click the Save
button. Once you’ve saved the attachment on your
computer, you can delete the e-mail if you don’t
need the information in the message portion.
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