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Working with E-Mail Attachments
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Using Personal Folders to
Manage E-Mail
Earlier you discovered that you can use the
Personal Folders to help you organize e-mail. If
you’re like me, you may find yourself collecting
email from a variety of people on a particular
subject. I like to keep my “same subject” e-mail stored
in a folder, so, I create my own folders that appear
along with the other folders listed under Personal
Folders. To create a new folder, follow these steps:
Click Mail in the Navigation Pane.
Figure 20-18
Creating an e-mail signature.
2. Choose Folder>New>New Folder. Outlook
displays the Create New Folder dialog box
(see Figure 20-20).
6. Click the Save button, then click OK twice.
When you are ready to use the signature, from the
New, Reply, or Forward message, click Message>
Include>Signature and select which signature you
want to use. See Figure 20-19.
Figure 20-19
Using an e-mail signature.
Figure 20-20
Creating a new folder.
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