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Editing Text
Chapter 2
Getting Started with Word
There are numerous ways to select text, either with
the keyboard or the mouse. The following list
shows a few of the different selection techniques.
To select a single word, double-click the
To select a sentence, hold down the Ctrl key
and click anywhere in the sentence (see
Figure 2-7).
Figure 2-8
Select an entire paragraph or the entire document.
Selected sentence Selected word
Alternative Method
Another way to select the entire document is
choose Home>Editing>Select>Select All.
To select a single line of text, click once in
the left margin with the mouse arrow
pointing to the line you want selected.
Figure 2-7
Selecting text to make additional changes.
To select a contiguous text area, click at the
beginning of the text you want selected,
and then hold down the Shift key and click
at the end of the text you want selected.
Optionally, click and drag the mouse over
the text you want to select.
To select an entire paragraph, triple-click
anywhere in the paragraph (see Figure 2-8).
To select an entire document, hold down
the Ctrl key and press the letter A.
To select noncontiguous text areas, select
the first area you want selected, and then
hold down the Ctrl key and use the
preceding techniques for each additional text area
you want included (see Figure 2-9).
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