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Working with E-Mail Attachments
Chapter 20
Communicating with Outlook E-Mail
3. Type a name for the new folder.
Mouse pointer Selected item
4. Open the Folder Contains list to specify the
types of Outlook items you’ll store in the
folder. To store e-mail messages, select Mail
and Post Items.
5. In the Select Where to Place the Folder box,
choose the top-level folder (usually your
name) to create a folder at the same
organizational level as the Inbox.
6. Click OK. Outlook adds the folder in the
Folders list.
Figure 20-21
Moving items to the new folder.
To move items to the folder, simply click the
message you want to move, and drag it until
it’s on top of the new folder, as shown in
Figure 20-21, and then release the mouse.
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