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Exploring Your Contacts Folder
Chapter 21
Working with Outlook Contacts
3. Fill in the window, supplying information
such as name, company, and job title. As you
fill in information, Outlook displays a preview
of the contact information (see Figure 21-2).
Add Contact Picture Preview
Figure 21-2
Creating a contact.
Figure 21-3
Choose a phone number type.
6. In the Addresses field, you can click the
arrow and specify up to three separate
addresses. If you enter what appears to be an
incomplete or unclear address, Outlook
displays an error message, prompting you to
check the address.
4. You can store up to three e-mail addresses
for each contact. Click the E-mail down
arrow, choose an e-mail and enter the e-mail
address. If you enter an incorrectly formatted
e-mail such as forgetting to put the @
symbol, Outlook displays an error message.
Optionally, click in the Notes field and type
any miscellaneous information you want to
store regarding the contact.
5. In the Phone number fields, you see four
boxes for phone numbers; however, if you
click the down arrow next to any of the phone
number fields, you see where you can specify
the phone number field you want. There are
19 of them, as shown in Figure 21-3.
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