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Exploring Your Contacts Folder
8. If you have additional information or you
would like to assign a picture to the contact,
proceed to the next section. If you are
finished entering contact information, click
Contact>Actions>Save & New if you want to
create another contact. Otherwise, click
Contact>Actions>Save & Close. Outlook
saves the contact and displays it in any of the
Contacts folder views.
More Contact Information
If you want to store additional information about
the contact’s work position or personal
information, Outlook provides a screen for that. Simply
click Contact>Show>Details. The Details screen
seen in Figure 21-5 appears where you can enter
additional contact information.
Birthdays and Anniversaries
Showing a Contact Photo
The age old disease CRS (Can’t Remember Stuff)
hits all of us at one time or another. Sometimes
you just can’t remember who a particular contact
is and why you added them to your contact list.
Often, seeing a photo of the person jogs your
memory just enough to remember the contact. You
can add a photo to any contact.
If you enter a birthday or anniversary date for
the contact, Outlook automatically creates a
recurring entry on the calendar. See Chapter
22, “Using the Outlook Calendar,” for more
information on the Outlook calendar.
From the Contact window, click the Add Contact
Picture box, just to the right of the Name field.
The Add Contact Picture dialog box opens.
Navigate to and click the picture you want and
choose Open. Outlook places the picture in the
box. See Figure 21-4.
Figure 21-5
Additional contact information.
And if those fields aren’t enough for you, click
Contact>Show>All Fields. In the Select From
dropdown menu, choose All Contact Fields. A list of
every contact field appears as seen in Figure 21-6.
Enter any additional information you want to
store. Scroll down…there are lots of fields.
Figure 21-4
Add a contact photograph.
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