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Exploring Your Contacts Folder
Chapter 21
Working with Outlook Contacts
In the Phone or List view, double-click an
entry to display the contact information in
a Contact window. Or, click the field you
want to edit twice, and you can make
changes directly onscreen. When you use
this method, click the field twice slowly;
otherwise, Outlook will assume you’re
trying to double-click.
Once you open the contact, you can edit any of the
contact information. When you are finished
modifying a contact, click Contact>Actions>Save & Close.
Figure 21-6
All contact fields.
Delete a Contact
If you no longer want the contact stored in
your contact list, from any of the contact
views, click once on the contact you want to
delete and choose Home>Delete>Delete or
press the Delete key on your keyboard. Be
careful! There is no warning and the contact
is immediately deleted.
Return to Main Screen
Choose Contact>Show>General to return to
the main contact screen.
Editing Contact Information
You’ve found a little spare time and you’ve decided
to use it to update your contacts by supplying
missing information. The method you use to open a
contact’s window to add or change information
depends on the view of the Contacts folder you use.
Adding Contacts from E-Mails
You also can add contacts to the Contacts folder
from an e-mail you received. Follow these steps:
Click Mail in the Navigation Pane.
In any view of the Contacts folder,
rightclick the contact and choose Open.
2. Display the e-mail message that contains the
contact you want to add to the Contacts folder.
In the Business Card view, double-click any
3. In the Reading pane, right-click the sender’s
e-mail address and choose Add to Outlook
Contacts (see Figure 21-7). In the Contact
window that appears, Outlook fills in the
contact’s name and e-mail address.
In the Card view, double-click the contact’s
name to open the contact information in
the Contact window. Or, you can single-click
any field and make changes to it. Click
outside the field when you finish.
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