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Exploring Your Contacts Folder
Chapter 21
Working with Outlook Contacts
Card vi ew
Mouse pointer
Figure 21-9
The Card view.
Figure 21-10
After widening the columns.
In Card view, and depending on your screen
resolution, Outlook displays three or four columns in this
view, and you’ll notice that you can’t really read
the information stored about the contact. But, you
can increase the space allotted to each contact.
Place the mouse pointer over one of the lines
between the columns, and the mouse pointer
changes to a double-headed arrow.
The Phone view, shown in Figure 21-11, is terrific
for helping you focus on finding a phone number.
Phone view
Drag the mouse pointer to the right. You’ll see dark
lines for each of the column dividers, and when the
column is as wide as you want it, release the mouse
button. Outlook widens the space allotted to each
contact so that you can see more (or less)
information per contact (see Figure 21-10). You can use the
horizontal scroll bar to view the cards on the right.
Figure 21-11
The Phone view.
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