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Exploring Your Contacts Folder
The List view, seen in Figure 21-12, lists the
contacts in a list format with column headings at the
top of the window. You can click any column
heading to sort the list by that column.
List view
Figure 21-13
The Manage All Views dialog box.
3. Click the New button. The Create a New View
dialog box appears.
Figure 21-12
The List view.
4. Enter a name for the new view; for example,
Family Members, and then click OK. The
Advanced View Settings dialog box opens.
Customizing a Contact Folder
Suppose you have hundreds of names in your
contact list and you would like to see only your family
members. You can create your own customized
Contact view. Just follow these steps:
5. Click the Columns button. The Show
Columns dialog box seen in Figure 21-14
appears. The Show Columns dialog box gives
you the opportunity to select fields that will
be visible in the view.
Choose Home>Current View and click the
More button.
2. Choose Manage Views. The Manage All Views
dialog box appears, shown in Figure 21-13.
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