Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Editing Text
Click the File tab and choose Options, which
displays the Word Options dialog box seen in
Figure 2-10.
2. On the left side, choose Proofing.
Figure 2-9
Selecting noncontiguous text in which to make
Deselect Text
To deselect text, click once anywhere in the
document or press one of the arrow keys.
Figure 2-10
Setting Word options.
Discovering AutoCorrect
Word includes a fabulous feature that makes us
look like better typists than we really are! The
feature is called AutoCorrect, and, in many cases, if
you mistype a word or forget to capitalize a
sentence, Word automatically corrects it. Or, if you
type something like (c), Word automatically
understands that what you really want is a copyright
symbol, and it changes the (c) to ©.
3. Click the AutoCorrect Options button. The
AutoCorrect dialog box opens (see Figure 2-
11). On the AutoCorrect tab, you see the
options Word automatically corrects for you.
But Wait! There’s More!
Scroll down the list in the AutoCorrect dialog
box to see hundreds of predefined
AutoCorrect words and symbols.
To take full advantage of the automatic correction
feature, you have to understand how it works and
how to customize it to better fit your needs. Follow
these steps to review the AutoCorrect options:
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