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Exploring Your Contacts Folder
Chapter 21
Working with Outlook Contacts
Mapping a Contact’s Location
If you store a street address for a contact, Outlook
can help you view a map of the address. Follow
these steps:
Click Contacts in the Navigation Pane.
2. Open the contact’s window, which you see in
Figure 21-19.
Map It button
Figure 21-18
Select contacts to include in the group.
5. Click a name in the list and then click the
Members button. Outlook displays each
included contact’s name in the box beside
the Members button.
6. Repeat Step 5 for each contact you want to
add to the contact group.
Click OK. Outlook redisplays the Contact
Group window, and the name and e-mail
address of each contact you selected in Steps
5 and 6 appears in the window.
8. Click Contact Group>Action>Save & Close.
3. Click the Map It button. Outlook opens a
Bing window in Internet Explorer and
displays a map, pinpointing the contact’s street
address (see Figure 21-20).
The group appears as a contact in your contact list.
To use your contact group to send an e-mail, create
a new e-mail message or forward an existing
message. Click the To button and, in the Select Names
dialog box that appears, select the name you gave
your distribution list and click OK. Then, fill in the
rest of the e-mail as described in Chapter 20.
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