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Chapter 22 Using the Outlook Calendar
Using the Outlook
Picture yourself managing a schedule that is
meeting-intensive. You have meetings at the office and
away from the office, in the city where you live, and on
the road. Sometimes you initiate a meeting; other times, you
are included by others in a meeting. And, the original date and
time for a meeting changes, sometimes more frequently than
you’d expect.
You need a calendar for your appointments, but the manual
calendar you’ve been keeping just isn’t filling your needs. You
do everything in pencil because of potential changes, and your
book has become so messy that some days you’re having
trouble reading it. And that’s not even counting the tasks you need
to accomplish in addition to the meetings—you need to be able
to manage both your workload and your schedule so that you
know when you need time outside meetings to accomplish
other things on your plate.... Enter Outlook’s Calendar.
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