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Exploring the Calendar
Exploring the Calendar
The Calendar view in Outlook integrates
with your e-mail and your tasks so that you can
manage more than just your appointments. It
lets you view your workload—both appointments
and tasks—from a variety of perspectives, and it is
neat and clean—no more messy erasures.
Understanding the Calendar
Click Calendar in the Navigation Pane to view
the calendar. Outlook displays one of the five
Calendar views of the Calendar folder. You can
change the Calendar views by choosing Home>
Arrange or View>Arrangement and selecting one
of the following:
Figure 22-1
A daily view of your calendar.
The Work Week view of the calendar, seen
in Figure 22-2, shows Monday through
Friday’s appointments and tasks.
The Day view (see Figure 22-1) shows you
the appointments you have today along
with tasks on your task list that haven’t yet
been completed.
You can read more about tasks in Chapter
23, “Tracking Tasks with Outlook.”
Figure 22-2
The Work Week calendar view.
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