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Editing Text
Chapter 2
Getting Started with Word
Create Shortcuts
If you frequently use a lot of complex words
such as chemical names or medical terms,
enter an abbreviation for the term in the
Replace box and put the complete term in
the With box. After adding the term, when
you need to add the term in your document,
you need only type the abbreviation followed
by a space, a period, or other character. For
example, enter hctz to have Word replace it
with Hydrochlorothiazide.
5. Click OK twice to close both the AutoCorrect
and the Word Options dialog boxes.
Changing Text Case
As you just discovered, Word automatically corrects
many text case errors. For example, if you type
“Springtime,” Word automatically changes it to
“Springtime.” If, however, you type the entire word
in uppercase (“SPRINGTIME”), you can quickly
change it to “Springtime” or “springtime.” You can
apply a text case change to a word, a phrase, or any
amount of selected text. Just follow these steps:
Figure 2-11
Create your own AutoCorrect items.
4. If you want to add your own common
misspellings to the list, type your common
mistake in the Replace text box and then type
the correction in the With box. Click the Add
button to add the correction to the list.
Select the text you want to change. The text
becomes highlighted.
2. Click Home>Font>Change Case. A
dropdown menu of options appears as shown in
Figure 2-12.
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