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Working in the Calendar Folder
Chapter 22
Using the Outlook Calendar
Working in the Calendar Folder
When you work in the Calendar folder,
you can set up appointments—both
onetime appointments and recurring
appointments. You also can create events and schedule (and
cancel) meetings.
Alternative Method
Alternatively, double-click any time in the
calendar to display the New Appointment
Setting Up Appointments with
You can easily add an appointment to your
Outlook Calendar by following these steps:
3. Fill in the subject. This information will
appear on your calendar.
4. If you want, fill in a location.
Click Calendar in the Navigation Pane.
Outlook displays your calendar.
5. Select a start date and time. Outlook fills in
the end date and time automatically, but you
can change them.
2. Click Home>New>New Appointment.
Outlook displays a new appointment window
(see Figure 22-9).
Reminder arrow
Optionally, display the appointment date
on the calendar and double-click the
appointment time to open the
Appointment window with the time and
date already entered.
6. Write any notes about the appointment in
the description box.
Outlook automatically adds a reminder that
will appear 15 minutes before the
appointment time. To change the reminder time,
choose Appointment>Options, click the
Reminder drop-down arrow, and select a time.
Figure 22-9
Create an appointment and set up a reminder
for it.
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