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Working in the Calendar Folder
8. Choose Appointment>Actions>Save &
Close. Outlook adds the appointment to
your calendar.
Default reminder time
If you set a reminder, at the specified time prior to
your appointment, Outlook will play a sound and
display a reminder onscreen like the one shown in
Figure 22-10. Click Dismiss to make the reminder
go away or click Snooze to make it go away and
redisplay in five minutes.
Figure 22-11
Set the default reminder time.
Recurring Appointments
So, the manager of the project you’re working on has
decided on a weekly staff meeting for the next 12
weeks for status updates. Instead of adding the
appointment to your calendar 12 times, you can set
up a recurring appointment by following these steps:
Figure 22-10
A typical reminder.
Click Calendar in the Navigation Pane.
Outlook displays your calendar.
As mentioned earlier, by default, Outlook assigns a
15-minute reminder to all appointments. If you
prefer a different amount of time, you can change
this default. Choose File>Options. In the Calendar
section, a check appears beside Default Reminder
(see Figure 22-11). Open the list box beside the
Default Reminder check box and select a different
amount of time.
2. Click Home>New>New Appointment.
Outlook displays a new appointment window.
3. Fill in the subject. This information will
appear on your calendar.
4. If you want, fill in a location and write any
notes about the appointment in the
description box.
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