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Working in the Calendar Folder
Chapter 22
Using the Outlook Calendar
5. Optionally, set a reminder by choosing
Appointment>Options>Reminder and
selecting a reminder time.
Recurrence notation
6. Choose Appointment>Options>Recurrence.
Outlook displays the Appointment
Recurrence dialog box seen in Figure 22-12.
Figure 22-13
When you create a recurring appointment, Outlook
provides you with recurrence information.
10. Choose Appointment>Actions>Save &
Close. Outlook adds the appointment to
your calendar.
Scheduling an Event
An event differs from an appointment by Outlook’s
definition because an event lasts all day. Outlook
treats holidays as events. Your birthday is an event.
To create an event, follow these steps:
Figure 22-12
Use this dialog box to create a recurring
Set a recurrence pattern. The options in the
right portion of the Recurrence Pattern
section change, depending on the option you
select in the left portion of the section.
Click Calendar in the Navigation Pane.
Outlook displays your calendar.
2. Choose Home>New>New Item>All Day
Event. Outlook displays an Event window,
with a check in the All day event check box
(see Figure 22-14).
8. In the Range of Recurrence section, you can
specify an end date.
9. Click OK. Outlook redisplays the
appointment window. Just below the Location, you’ll
see information about how often the
appointment recurs (see Figure 22-13).
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