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Working in the Calendar Folder
Figure 22-14
Creating an event.
3. Fill in the subject and the date and, if
appropriate, a location and any notes you need in
the Description box.
Figure 22-15
Events don't appear near a time slot.
Requesting a Meeting
You can use request a meeting with a contact who
also uses Outlook. When you request a meeting,
Outlook generates an e-mail that contains meeting
information. Typically you and the contact work for
the same company. If your company uses Microsoft
Exchange Server and shares calendars, you can
check schedules for shared calendars to find a
meeting time that suits everyone.
4. If appropriate, you can choose Event>
Options>Recurrence and set up information
to make the event recurring. For details, see
the previous section.
5. Choose Event>Actions>Save & Close.
Outlook displays the event at the top of the
day on which it occurs; visually representing
that no time is associated with the event (see
Figure 22-15).
When you request a meeting, you initially set up
an appointment. To request a meeting with
someone who also uses Outlook, follow these steps:
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