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Working in the Calendar Folder
Chapter 22
Using the Outlook Calendar
5. Click the To button. Outlook displays the
Select Attendees and Resources dialog box
(see Figure 22-17).
There is no technological reason why you
cannot request a meeting with a user who
doesn’t use Outlook. But, when you send
a meeting request to a user who doesn’t
use Outlook, sometimes the resulting
e-mail message looks like gibberish to the
Click Calendar in the Navigation Pane.
2. Click Home>New>New Meeting. Outlook
displays an Invited Event window.
Figure 22-17
Select meeting participants.
3. Fill in the meeting subject and location
4. Set the proposed meeting’s start and stop
times and, if appropriate, provide additional
information in the message area. See Figure
6. Click the name of a person you want to
attend the meeting. Or, you can type some
characters of the person’s name and Outlook
will find the nearest match.
Choose one of the following and Outlook adds
the recipient in the appropriate text box.
Choose Required if this person must
attend the meeting.
Choose Optional if the person’s
attendance is optional.
Choose Resources if you are selecting a
Figure 22-16
Fill in the meeting request window.
Repeat Steps 6 and 7 for each meeting
participant to whom you want to e-mail the
meeting request.
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