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Working in the Calendar Folder
Click OK. Outlook redisplays the meeting
window, listing Required and Optional
attendees in the To box and Resources in the
Location box. If you typed a location in the
box previously, Outlook asks you if you want
to replace the location information.
10. If your company uses Outlook and Microsoft
Exchange Server and shares calendars,
choose Invited Event>Show>Scheduling,
and use the tab that appears to help you
find the best time for the meeting and to
add others to the meeting request.
Figure 22-18
Review who has responded to your meeting
11. Click the Send button. Outlook saves the
meeting on your calendar and places an
e-mail in your Outbox for each meeting
attendee. The e-mail will be sent the next
time Outlook checks for new mail.
Cancelling a Meeting
Occasions will arise when you need to cancel a
meeting. Open the meeting on your calendar by
doubleclicking it. Choose Meeting>Actions>Cancel
Meeting. Outlook changes the Send Update button
to the Send Cancellation button (see Figure 22-19).
Tracking Meeting Request
You can easily identify when someone has
responded to a meeting request. Open the meeting on
your calendar by double-clicking it. Just above the
To line, Outlook displays an overall status on
meeting responses. You can choose Meeting>Show>
Tracking to see the status of individual responses
to the meeting request (see Figure 22-18).
Figure 22-19
Cancelling a meeting.
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