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Chapter 23 Tracking Tasks with Outlook
Tracking Tasks with
Picture yourself with a pile of laundry that never
seems to end and keeps getting bigger and bigger. You need to find
a way to keep track of all your tasks, and whether you’re at work or
home, you’d really like some sense of accomplishment when you get
something done so that you’ll feel like you’re making a dent in the pile.
Using a combination of Outlook’s Tasks folder and the To-Do list, you can
easily create tasks and easily track progress. You can create “one-time” tasks
and recurring tasks. You can convert an e-mail into a task, and you can assign
tasks to others and still monitor the task progress. This chapter explores the
ways Outlook can help you keep that pile of work under control.
Outlook considers tasks and to-do’s different but the same. Is that an
oxymoron? You’ll see… Then, later you’ll take a look at the To-Do Bar.
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