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Moving and Copying Text
3. Select an option from the drop-down menu.
Change Case Shortcut
Optionally, make a text selection and press
Shift+F3. Each time you press Shift+F3, a
different case option applies.
Figure 2-12
Quickly switch from lower- to uppercase lettering.
Moving and Copying Text
With Word, you should never
have to type anything twice! Word
provides a number of different methods with
which you can copy and move text. Moving or
copying text usually involves the Windows
Clipboard, which temporarily holds text you place
on it. You use the Windows Clipboard feature to
move or copy text from one place to another,
thereby avoiding the need to retype it.
Select to highlight the text you want to
2. Choose Home>Clipboard>Cut. The text
disappears from the document, but Word stores
it on the Windows Clipboard.
Keyboard Shortcut
Optionally, press Ctrl+X or right-click and
choose Cut to move the selected text to the
Moving Text
When you want to remove text from one place and
put it into another location, you select the text you
want and then cut and paste the text. With cut and
paste, Word deletes the selected text, holds it on
the Windows Clipboard, and then places it into a
new location. Just follow these steps:
3. Click the mouse where you want to place the
text. The blinking insertion point appears at
the new location.
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