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Working with Tasks
Chapter 23
Tracking Tasks with Outlook
Editing Tasks
You can easily edit a task if you find you need to
make changes. For example, you can edit a task to
update its progress by making changes to both the
Status and the % Complete fields. Or you can
elaborate on the “quick task” that you entered earlier.
Click the Tasks button in the Navigation Pane and
select a view where you can see the task. Then,
double-click any portion of the task’s entry. Outlook
displays the task in the Task window. Make your
changes and choose Task>Actions>Save & Close.
Completed Tasks
When you complete a task, from the Tasks
pane, click the desired task and choose
Home>Manage Task>Mark Complete.
Outlook marks the task complete and makes
it unavailable. If you just want to delete a
task, click Home>Manager Task>Remove
from List. If you created the task from an
e-mail message, Outlook warns you that
deleting the task will also delete the e-mail.
Microsoft Office Project
Creating a Recurring Task
Just like the Energizer Bunny, you’ve got a task that
you need to do over and over again. For example,
you need a reminder to water your vacationing
neighbors’ plants every day. Or perhaps you need a
reminder at the end of each month to file your
sales tax and payroll reports. You can create a
recurring task by following these steps:
If you’re a Microsoft Office Project user,
Project can import task information from
Outlook, including the Status and %
Complete fields.
For example, to record work on a task, you can
make changes to the Status and % Complete fields.
You also can record actual work, mileage and
billing information, and the date completed by. To
do so, while viewing the task, choose Task>Show>
Details (see Figure 23-6). Then, fill in fields as
appropriate and click Tasks>Actions>Save & Close.
Click Tasks in the Navigation Pane.
2. Click Home>New>New Task and create a
new task but don’t click Save & Close yet.
3. Choose Task>Options>Recurrence. Outlook
opens the Task Recurrence dialog box (see
Figure 23-7).
Figure 23-6
Recording task progress.
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