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Working with Tasks
3. Choose Insert>Include>Attach File. Doing so
displays the Insert File dialog box shown in
Figure 23-8.
Attach File
Figure 23-7
Use this box to set up a recurring task.
4. Select a recurrence pattern option—Daily,
Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly—and the choices
to the right of those options change to
match your selection.
Figure 23-8
Attaching a document to a task.
4. Navigate to the folder that contains the
document you want to attach, select it, and click
Insert. Outlook displays an icon representing
the file in the description portion of the task
(see Figure 23-9). You can attach multiple
5. You can set a start and end date for the tasks
in the Range of Recurrence section.
6. Click OK. Outlook redisplays the Task window,
which now contains a message above the
subject line that describes the recurrence.
Click Task>Actions>Save & Close.
Attaching Documentation to a
Suppose that you’ve got a task to do and you’ve
got information in a Word document, an Excel
spreadsheet, or any other document that pertains
to the task. You can attach the file to the task and
then open it from the task in Outlook. No more
hunting. Follow these steps:
Figure 23-9
A task containing attachments.
5. Choose Task>Actions>Save & Close.
Click Tasks in the Navigation Pane.
To open the associated file from within Outlook,
open the task and double-click the document icon.
2. Follow Steps 2 to 9 in the section “Adding
Tasks” to set up the task. Or, edit an existing
task by double-clicking it.
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