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Working with Tasks
Chapter 23
Tracking Tasks with Outlook
Assigning Tasks to Others
Good managerial skills dictate that you have the
ability to delegate. In Outlook, you can delegate a task to
another Outlook user. Outlook refers to this process
as making a task request, and you can select options
to keep an updated copy on your task list and to
receive a status report when the task is complete.
Follow these steps to assign a task to someone else:
4. Click the To button. Outlook displays the
Select Task Recipient: Contacts dialog box.
5. Click the name of the person to whom you
want to send the task request. Or, you can
type some characters of the person’s name
and Outlook will find the nearest match.
6. Once you have highlighted the correct
contact’s name, click the To -> button. Outlook
adds the recipient in the To -> text box.
Click Tasks in the Navigation Pane.
Repeat Steps 5 and 6 for each recipient to
whom you want to assign the task.
2. Add or edit a task, making sure that you leave
the Task window open (see Figure 23-10).
8. Click OK. Outlook redisplays the Task window
with the recipients’ e-mail addresses in the
To box.
Assign Task button
9. Enter any optional message in the task note
window and click Send. Outlook places the
task request in your Outbox and sends the
task request the next time it checks for
incoming and outgoing e-mail.
Figure 23-10
Add or edit a task.
A recipient of a task request can accept or decline
the task. The task request arrives as an e-mail
message (see Figure 23-12), and when the recipient
opens the message, he or she is prompted to accept
or decline the task. Outlook sends the originator of
the task request a message that indicates the task
request has been accepted or declined. If the
recipient accepts the task, Outlook places it in the
recipient’s Tasks folder.
3. Choose Task>Manage Task>Assign Task.
Outlook changes the appearance of the Task
window, giving you the opportunity to
supply an e-mail address (see Figure 23-11).
Figure 23-11
Assigning a task to someone else.
Figure 23-12
The recipient of a task request.
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