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Exploring To-Do’s
Outlook keeps a copy of the task on your task list
and notifies you and updates the task in your
Tasks folder each time the person to whom you
assigned the task updates the task. When the
task is complete, Outlook automatically sends
you a status report when the person handling
the task marks it complete.
If the recipient of the task request declines the task,
the sender of the task request receives an e-mail
notification that the task request has been declined.
Exploring To-Do’s
When you click on Tasks from
the Navigation Pane, you see two folders
under a main folder entitled My Tasks.
The two subfolders are for Tasks and To-Do’s.
Outlook offers these two folders for viewing the
Tasks folder, because it distinguishes between tasks
and to-do’s. When you click Tasks in the Navigation
Pane, Outlook displays your To-Do List as you see
in Figure 23-13.
So, when you initially click the Tasks button in the
Navigation Pane, you’re seeing all to-do items, not
just tasks. You can view only tasks if you click Tasks
in the My Tasks portion of the Navigation Pane.
Then, Outlook limits the view to show you only
tasks. Compare the To-Do list of Figure 23-13 with
the Tasks list in Figure 23-14 to see the difference
between tasks and to-do’s.
Extra To-Do item
Figure 23-14
My Task list.
Figure 23-13
My To-Do list.
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