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Exploring To-Do’s
Chapter 23
Tracking Tasks with Outlook
Other views provide varying information about the
items displayed or organize the items in different
ways. Click the Task list and choose Home>Current
View>Change View or View>Current View>Change
View. A gallery of views such as seen in Figure 23-15
appears. Let’s compare the different views:
Completed Tasks view shows only
completed items.
Today view shows only the items that are
past due or due today. No items with a
future date appear in this view. You see the
icon, completed check box, subject, due
date, category, and follow-up flag.
Next Seven Days view shows icon, priority,
attachment, subject, status, due date, %
complete, category, and follow-up flag, but
only items that are due in the next seven
days appear. Past due items and items due
in the far future are hidden.
Overdue view shows the same information as
the Next Seven Days view but limits the items
displayed to only those that are overdue.
The Assigned view organizes tasks by the
person to whom they are assigned. If a task
is not delegated to someone else, it doesn’t
appear in the view. See Figure 23-16.
Figure 23-15
Available Task views.
Detailed view shows a completed check
box, the source icon, an icon for the priority
assigned to the item, attachment icons, the
item’s subject, status, due date, modified
date, date completed, folder, categories, and
follow-up flag.
Simple List view shows the source icon,
completed check box, task subject and due
date, categories, and follow-up flag.
To-Do List view shows the list separated by
date with a Reading pane on the right.
Prioritized view groups the items together
by priority. You set a to-do priority from the
Task window by choosing Task>Tags>High
Importance or Task>Tags>Low Importance.
Figure 23-16
Assigned task view.
Active Tasks view shows source icon,
priority, attachment, subject, status, due date, %
complete, categories and follow-up but
limits the items displayed to only those that
are not yet complete.
Server Tasks view shows tasks listed on the
server. These views are useful if your
organization uses Microsoft Exchange Server and
shares Outlook information.
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