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Moving and Copying Text
Chapter 2
Getting Started with Word
4. Choose Home>Clipboard>Paste, or press
Ctrl+V. Word places the text at the new
location. In Figure 2-13, the highlighted
paragraph was originally the second paragraph,
but through cutting and pasting, it is now
the first paragraph.
Paste Cut Copy
Figure 2-14
Paste without any formatting included.
Copying Text
The Copy and Paste features leave the selected text
at its existing location and duplicate it into a new
location. Working similarly to the Cut and Paste
functions, Copy and Paste use the Windows
Clipboard to temporarily store the text. Use the
following steps to copy text to a new location:
Figure 2-13
Save typing and editing time with Cut and Paste.
Select to highlight the text you want to
Paste Without Formatting
2. Choose Home>Clipboard>Copy or right-click
and choose Copy. The text remains in the
document, but Word also stores it on the
Windows Clipboard.
If you want to paste the text without the
formatting, instead of clicking the Paste button
directly, click the arrow beneath the Paste
button and choose Paste Special. From the
Paste Special dialog box (Figure 2-14), choose
Unformatted Text and click OK.
Keyboard Shortcut
Optionally, press Ctrl+C to copy selected text
to the Clipboard.
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