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Viewing the Publisher Window
Some Ribbon buttons display a down arrow, which
means there are more choices available. And in
some options, you must click the More button,
which displays a gallery of choices. For example, if
you click Page Design>Schemes and click the More
button, you see the color scheme gallery.
File tab: The first tab on the Ribbon, the
File tab is where you see the Backstage view
and access many common file functions
such as Open, Save, and Print.
Quick Access Toolbar: The Quick Access
Toolbar provides fast and easy access to the
Save, Undo, and Redo commands. Like with
other Office applications, you can
customize the Quick Access Toolbar. See
Chapter 1.
Many group options include an icon at the
bottom-right edge of the group option. Clicking the
Dialog Box Launcher opens a related dialog box.
Horizontal and Vertical rulers: Because
many publications require precise
placement of text and objects, you see both
horizontal and vertical rulers to assist you.
Customize the Ribbon
See Chapter 1, “Discovering Office Common
Features,” to customize the Ribbon.
Frames: Frames are placeholders for text
and objects. You’ll learn lots more about
frames throughout this chapter.
Navigation Pane: Some publications can
be quite lengthy. The Navigation Pane helps
you find a particular page quickly and
easily. See the next section, “Using the
Navigation Pane” for more information.
Other elements seen in the Publisher window
shown in Figure 24-4 include:
Navigation Pane Rulers Dialog Box Launcher
Status bar: Along the bottom of the
Publisher window you see a status bar that
tells you if your Caps Lock is on, along with
a variety of other options such as the
current page number and zoom controls.
Using the Navigation Pane
The pane on the left side of the screen is the
Navigation Pane. When you first create a new
publication, thumbnails of the publication pages appear
in the Navigation Pane. In Chapter 14, “Creating a
PowerPoint Presentation,” you worked with the
Slide List pane. The Publisher Navigation Pane is
very similar to the PowerPoint Slide List pane.
Figure 24-4
The Publisher window.
Title bar: Across the top you see a title bar
that shows the program title and the
document title.
Click any page displayed in the Navigation Pane to
display it in the main working window. Use the
Navigation Pane vertical scroll bar as necessary to
scroll up or down and view additional pages. You
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