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Viewing the Publisher Window
Chapter 24
Creating a Predesigned Publisher Publication
can expand or collapse the Navigation Pane by
clicking the Collapse arrow seen in Figure 24-5.
You can then expand the Navigation Pane by
clicking the expand arrow. You can also resize the
Navigation Pane, which makes the thumbnails
larger or smaller. Position your mouse over the right
edge of the Navigation Pane, between the vertical
scroll bar and the vertical ruler, until the mouse
pointer turns into a double-headed white arrow.
Drag to the right to enlarge the Navigation Pane or
drag to the left to make it smaller.
Understanding Frames
When you created a PowerPoint presentation, after
selecting a slide layout, you saw the placeholders
where you entered text or added objects. A
Publisher publication also uses placeholders, some
for text and some for objects, except that in
Publisher they are referred to as frames. In Figure
24-6, you see a frame at the top with the words
Catalog Title, and there are several more in the
page, prompting for more text information. The
picture is a frame for a graphic. A little later in this
chapter, you will place pictures in a graphic frame.
Collapse arrow Resizing bar
Text frame Picture frame
Figure 24-6
Placeholder frames.
Figure 24-5
The Navigation Pane.
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