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Customizing Your Publication
Customizing Your Publication
I’m going to take a step backwards here.
When you open Publisher and select a template,
many choices display, on the right side of the
screen, a section where you can customize the
publication to better fit your needs and save you time.
When they created the publication template, the
designers at Microsoft supplied a group of
coordinated colors and fonts; however, you can choose
different colors and fonts in the Customize section. See
Figure 24-7 for an example of a template with
customization options. Some templates even display
additional options such as for the page layout.
Also, since many publications use common
information such as a company name or phone
numbers, rather than retyping this information each
time you create a publication, you can store this
information in the Business Information section.
Then, when needed, Publisher automatically
populates the publication fields.
Entering Business Information
You can have several business information sets.
Perhaps you have one for your company that
includes your boss’s name, and maybe you have
one that you use for the school PTA and of course
you have one you use for yourself! You enter the
business set information and Publisher stores the
business information sets for future use as well as
in the current publication.
Font scheme Color scheme Business information
If you have already created a business information
set, click the Business Information down arrow and
choose the set you want. If you have not yet
created a business information set, or want to create a
new one, click the Business Information down
arrow and choose Create New. You see the Create
New Business Information Set dialog box.
Figure 24-7
Customizing your publication.
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