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Customizing Your Publication
Chapter 24
Creating a Predesigned Publisher Publication
Enter any relevant information in the Create New
Business Information Set dialog box, replacing the
existing text with your information. If you have a
company logo, you can add it by clicking the Add
Logo button, locating and selecting your logo, and
choosing Insert. See Figure 24-8.
Changing the Color Scheme
When you create a publication based on a temple,
it contains a scheme of colors that harmonize with
each other. By default, Publisher assumes you want
to use the original color designs; however, if you
want to change the colors to a different theme,
click the Color Scheme down arrow, which displays
color groups as they are associated with the
different Office themes as you see in Figure 24-9.
Choose the colors you want for your publication.
Figure 24-8
Enter your information for the business
information set.
Edit Business Information
If you need to edit the business information
set, while in any publication, choose File>
Info>Edit Business Information then click
the Edit button.
Figure 24-9
Choosing a color scheme.
In the Business Information set name, enter a
descriptive name for this group of information and
click the Save button. The business information set
now appears in the drop-down menu for this
publication and future publications.
You are not limited to only the colors in
your selected scheme; however, they
appear as the starting point when
selecting color for text or shapes.
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