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Presenting View Options
Choosing a Font Scheme
Each publication, when it was originally designed,
included a set of fonts that complement each
other, and by default, Publisher assumes you want
to use the original fonts. You can, however,
customize the font scheme more to your liking or
more appropriate for your actual publication. If
you want to change the font scheme, click the Font
Scheme down arrow, which displays fonts as they
are associated with the different Office themes (see
Figure 24-10). Choose the font scheme you prefer.
Figure 24-10
Select the font group you want to use.
Presenting View Options
As you work on your publication, you
will find yourself needing to look at it from
several perspectives. Perhaps you want to
view the detail, or look closer at the ruler, or stand
back and look at the overall appearance. Publisher
has several options to help you take a better look.
precise position on the page. The rulers, with
markings in eighths of an inch, guide you in
placing your objects.
However, with the rulers being at the far left or at
the top it is sometime difficult to line up to a
specific position unless you have your publication
greatly zoomed in. (You will learn about zooming
the screen in the next section.) A better way to
work with the rulers is to use ruler guides, which
can go anywhere on the page.
Setting Down Ruler Guides
The Publisher window provides rulers across the
top and left sides. When working on your
publication, you often will want to place a frame in a very
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