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Moving and Copying Text
3. Click the mouse where you want to place the
text. The blinking insertion point appears at
the new location.
2. Position the mouse pointer on top of the
highlighted text. The mouse arrow should
point to the left.
4. Choose Home>Clipboard>Paste, or press
Ctrl+V. Word places the text at the new
location (see Figure 2-15). Notice that the first
paragraph is repeated as the third paragraph.
3. Hold down the mouse button and drag the
mouse pointer to the desired location. As you
drag, a small box appears at the bottom of
the mouse arrow and a gray line indicates the
text position (see Figure 2-16).
New position for text
Figure 2-15
Duplicate text without retyping.
Figure 2-16
Select and drag text to a new location.
In some situations, when you paste text, you may
see a small icon, called a Paste Options button,
appear to the right of the pasted or moved text.
See the section “Understanding Paste Options”
later in this chapter.
Copy Instead of Move
To copy text instead of moving it, hold down
the Ctrl key before dragging the selected
text. Then release the mouse button before
releasing the Ctrl key.
Using Drag and Drop
Another, sometimes faster, method to move text
from one location to another is to use the
dragand-drop editing function. The drag-and-drop
feature works best for moving a relatively small
amount of text a short distance. The following
steps show you how to use drag and drop.
4. Release the mouse button to finish the text
Select the text you want to move.
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