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Chapter 24
Creating a Predesigned Publisher Publication
Ruler guides are non-printing light green lines that
you use for visual alignment. You turn them on or off
as needed. Choose Page Design>Layout>Guides,
which displays a guide gallery as seen in Figure 24-11.
Notice the guide line displays very lightly on the
ruler, and as you move the guide, you see it move
on the ruler as well. This helps you tie the guide to
the ruler for exact object positioning. If you look
on the status bar you can also see the exact
position of your pointer.
When would you use the ruler guides? Well, one
example might be when you need to place the
bottom of a picture at precisely 2.75 inches from the
top. Place a horizontal guide at 2.75 inches and
then drag the picture so its base sits on the guide.
Another example when you might use a guide is
that at the 2-inch vertical mark, you want to draw a
box exactly 1.75 inches tall by 3.25 inches wide.
Place two vertical and two horizontal guides so
they are the exact dimensions apart and then draw
your box in between the guides (see Figure 24-13).
Figure 24-11
Choose a guide to help you align objects.
Choose the guides you want. In Figure 24-12 you see
one horizontal and one vertical guide. You can easily
move the guide by positioning your pointer over the
guide until the pointer turns into a double-headed
arrow. Drag the guide until it is where you want it.
Position the pointer
to move a guide
Figure 24-13
Use ruler guides to help you specifically size
an object.
Add as many horizontal and vertical guides as
needed. When you no longer need them, choose
Page Design>Layout>Guides>No Ruler Guides,
which clears all the guides. If you just want to
remove individual guides, drag the unwanted
guide to the ruler on the top or left.
Figure 24-12
Use ruler guides to align objects.
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