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Presenting View Options
If you want to hide the rulers, choose View>Show>
Rulers. Choose View>Show>Rulers again to
redisplay the rulers. Hiding the rulers does not hide the
ruler guides.
Click the Zoom Out button to decrease the
zoom on your publication. Each click zooms
out a little more.
Click the Zoom slider, which provides zoom
percentages ranging from 10% (really, really
tiny) to 800% (enormous—stand back!). You
can also choose Whole Page, which
generally zooms to the 50% level, or Page Width,
which zooms in enough to see the entire
width of the document.
Zooming for a Better View
As you create your publication, you will probably
need to see the details a little more clearly. When
you are viewing the entire page, it can be difficult
to read the print. Fortunately, it is very easy to
zoom in and zoom out on any section of your
publication. In fact, there are several ways you can
zoom into or out of your document:
If your publication has more than one page,
click Two-Page Spread, which allows you to
see facing pages. Figure 24-15 shows facing
pages with pages 2 and 3.
Choose View>Zoom>100%.
Choose View>Zoom. Click in the Zoom box,
enter a zoom percentage, and then press
the Enter key.
Choose View>Zoom>Whole Page and see the
publication full page. Depending on your
monitor, this is usually at a 40–50% zoom.
Click the Zoom In button on the status bar to
zoom in closer on your publication. Each click
zooms in a little more (see Figure 24-14).
Single Page Two Page Zoom box Zoom Out Zoom In
Figure 24-15
Viewing pages side by side.
Figure 24-14
Zooming in for a closer look.
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