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Working with Text
Chapter 24
Creating a Predesigned Publisher Publication
Working with Text
If you are ready to begin editing the
publication so it contains the content you want, you
probably want to begin by entering the text
content. One of the first tasks is changing the sample
text provided in the template with your own text.
Shrink the text size so it fits into the box
(see Figure 24-16). Be cautious with this
option, because if you have a lot of text to
shrink, it may make it too small to read
easily. Although this is usually the default
option, you can select it by clicking Text
Box Tools Format>Text>Text Fit>Shrink
Text on Overflow.
Entering Text in a Text Box
Highlight the text in the text box by either
dragging across it completely or by clicking the text
box to select it and pressing Ctrl+A. While the text
is still highlighted, begin typing your own text.
Your text replaces the highlighted sample text.
Some publications, such as newsletters, include
linked text frames, meaning that as you type the
text, if needed, it will automatically flow into the
next linked text frame. You can tell where the next
frame is located when you click on a frame and
look at the icon below it. If there is an arrow
pointing to the right, then more text flows into a linked
text box elsewhere in the publication. The last
linked text box has an icon above it with an arrow
to the left to indicate linkage to a previous text
box. If the frame does not have an icon with an
arrow below it, the box is not linked to other
boxes, or is the last box in the group.
Shrink Text on Overflow
Figure 24-16
Don’t make your text too small to read!
Edit the text and remove any unnecessary
wording. Editing text in a Publisher frame is
just like editing text in a Word document.
Making the Text Fit into the Frames
A huge challenge is making your text fit in the text
frame. If the text you entered is too long for the
text box, what happens? You actually have quite a
few ways to control what happens to the extra text.
You can do any of the following:
Make the text frame larger. Choose Text Box
Tools>Format>Text>Text Fit>Grow Text Box
to Fit.
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