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Inserting Drop Caps
A drop cap is a large capital letter typically at the
beginning of a story, although you could have a
drop cap in any paragraph. Adding drop caps adds
a touch of elegance to your story and often
captures a reader’s eye.
Click the paragraph for which you want a drop cap.
You don’t have to actually select any part of the text.
Publisher will automatically make the first letter in
the paragraph the drop cap. Choose Text Box
Tools>Format>Typography>Drop Cap, which
displays the Drop Cap gallery as shown in Figure 24-24.
Scroll through the various drop cap styles. Pause your
cursor over any option to see a preview of your
paragraph with the drop cap. Click the one you like.
Figure 24-23
Setting paragraph spacing.
Drop Cap
3. Using the Indents and Spacing Tab, set an
amount of space you require either before
the first line of a paragraph or after the last
line of a paragraph, or both.
4. Click OK to apply the settings.
Change Line Spacing
From the Paragraph dialog box, you can also
set the line spacing, which is the space
between individual paragraph lines.
Figure 24-24
Choosing a drop cap style.
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