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Working with Graphics
Chapter 24
Creating a Predesigned Publisher Publication
Working with Graphics
In Chapter 15, “Editing Your Presentation,”
you learned how you can manipulate graphics.
Among the options you discovered were how to
move, resize, and rotate graphics. Graphics work the
same way in Publisher. You select the graphic
image, and, using the selection handles, you
manipulate the graphic to the size or position you want.
Change Picture button Selected graphic
Publisher templates come with sample graphics.
However, like the text in the text frames, the
graphics in the graphic frames are only samples.
You will most certainly want to replace the graphic
with one more appropriate to your publication.
Figure 24-25
Changing the graphic.
A graphic frame may contain only a picture, or it
may be two frames grouped together—one for the
picture and another text frame for a picture
caption. To replace the sample image with your own,
follow these steps:
3. Locate and select the picture you want and
choose Insert. Publisher replaces the existing
picture with your newly selected picture.
Click the graphics frame to select it. The
Picture Tools Format tab appears.
Other Picture Options
2. Choose Picture Tools>Format>Adjust>
Change Picture>Change Picture. The Insert
Picture dialog box seen in Figure 24-25
The Picture Tools Format tab also has buttons
to adjust the image brightness or contrast,
crop the picture, change the style, and many
other typical graphic options. Pause your
cursor over any button to see a ScreenTip
explaining the button’s purpose. Also refer
to Chapter 15.
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