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Moving and Copying Text
Chapter 2
Getting Started with Word
If the pasted text is a different font, size, or style
than the text near where you pasted, you’ll see the
Paste Options button, which provides the option to
paste text with or without formatting. (You’ll learn
more about formatting in Chapter 3, “Making a
Word Document Look Good.”)
View Multiple Documents
If you want to move text from one document
to another, open both documents and
display them side-by-side by choosing
View>Window>Arrange All. Then highlight
and drag the desired text from one
document window to another (see Figure 2-17).
Hold down the Ctrl key if you want to copy
the text to the second document.
Click the arrow next to the Paste Options button,
as seen in Figure 2-18, which displays the Paste
Option Gallery and pick from the available choices:
Arrange All
Figure 2-18
Select paste options.
Keep Source Formatting: Leaves the pasted
text formatted the same as the original text.
Merge Formatting: Modifies the pasted
text so it’s formatted to match the closest
existing text.
Keep Text Only: Modifies the pasted text
with the default document font.
Figure 2-17
Move or copy text easily between documents.
Understanding Paste Options
By default, when you paste text, Word includes any
formatting contained in the original text along
with the text. For example, if the original text is
underlined, the pasted text is underlined as well.
Additional Options
After using the Ctrl+V shortcut to paste your
text, just press the Ctrl key one more time to
drop the new Paste Options gallery and
change to a different Paste option.
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