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Starting Your Publication
Starting Your Publication
In this chapter, you begin with a blank
page and transform it into a beautiful
publication. You will discover how to add your own
frames and manipulate them into positions
appropriate for your task. You can add as many pages as
desired to your publication and fill them with the
information you want the world to see.
Planning a Design
The first thing you must do is spend a little time
planning your project. Ask yourself questions such
as the following:
Figure 25-1
Sketch out your ideas before you begin.
What size paper do I plan on using?
In what orientation will I need the paper?
Selecting a Paper Size
The next thing you must do is start Microsoft
Publisher and select your blank paper size. Choose
File>New if you do not already see the Getting
Started with Microsoft Office Publisher 2010
window. From the Available Templates section, click
More Blank Page Sizes and then choose one of the
blank page sizes you see in Figure 25-2. Be sure to
scroll down. There are hundreds of blank page
sizes—something for every project.
Will I use multiple columns?
Will I print this myself or take it somewhere
to be commercially printed?
What types of things do I want to say?
Which fonts would look good for the
intended audience?
The best thing you can do is begin with a pencil and
a blank piece of paper. Sketch out a rough idea of
what you want. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it
will certainly give you a good place to start. Take a
look at Figure 25-1. On the top you see the rough
design of a publication, and on the bottom you see
the final publication. Planning ahead with pencil and
paper will save you time and frustration when you
begin working with your publication in Publisher.
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