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Starting Your Publication
Chapter 25
Designing Your Own Publication
Setting the Margins
Depending on the layout you selected, the first
page of the blank publication appears on your
screen with blue lines, which are the page margin
guides. Technically, a publication doesn’t have
exact margins other than the ones built into some
printers, such as a laser printer, so the margin
guides are just that—guides. You use the guides to
ensure that your text and graphics do not stray off
the page edge.
Select the one best suited for your project, and
then choose the color and font scheme and the
business information set you want to use. If you
forgot what the color and font schemes or the
business information sets were about, refer back to
Chapter 24, “Creating a Predesigned Publisher
Publication.” After making your selections, click
the Create (or Download) button.
Hide Margin Guides
You will find the margin guides very helpful
in placing objects on the screen; however,
you can turn them on and off by choosing
You can change the margin guides at any time:
however, it saves time if you change them before
you begin placing objects on your screen. Choose
Page Design>Page Setup>Margins. A list of margin
options appears as seen in Figure 25-3.
Figure 25-2
Begin by choosing the paper size for your
The sample publication created in this chapter
is a fold-out brochure so that even though the
entire brochure is on a single sheet of paper,
the brochure really contains four pages: a front
panel, the left inside panel, the right inside
panel, and the back panel. On some publication
sizes, Publisher may prompt you to insert the
additional pages. Choose Yes.
Figure 25-3
Managing the page margins.
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