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Working with Frames
From here you can select one of the pictures margin
settings or you can click Custom Margins and choose
your own setting. The Layout Guides dialog box seen
in Figure 25-4 appears. Use the spinner boxes to
change the Left, Right, Top, and Bottom margin
guides. When you are finished, click the OK button
Figure 25-4
Creating custom margins.
Working with Frames
Everything you put on your
publication appears in a frame. The entire publication
is made of combinations of five frames: text
frames, picture frames, table frames, WordArt
frames, and Design Gallery frames. (You will discover
the Design Gallery later in this chapter.)
You insert frames by choosing options located on
the Insert tab.
Modify Frame
Don’t worry if the frame you create isn’t the
right size or in the right position. In the next
section, you’ll discover how easy it is to
adjust the frame.
Inserting Frames
You are ready to begin placing frames for the
objects you want on the publication. You can place
the frames one at a time as you need them, or you
can lay out the frames in approximation to your
sketched drawing. The choice is up to you, but,
personally, I prefer the latter method. It seems to
keep me better organized.
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