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Working with Frames
Chapter 25
Designing Your Own Publication
Depending on the option you select, the following
the options are a little different. Choose
Insert>Text>WordArt to display the WordArt
gallery seen in Figure 25-7. Choose the
option you want and type the text you want.
Text Box: Use the Text Box for headings,
paragraphs, or stories. The Text Box tool
doesn’t ask you for more information. You
simply click Insert>Text>Draw Text box, drag
a rectangular shape in the publication, and
then release the mouse button when the
frame is approximately the right size. When
you release the mouse button, the frame
appears with eight selection handles and a
rotation handle. Click in the text frame and
begin typing your text as seen in Figure 25-5.
Figure 25-6
Inserting a table frame.
Figure 25-5
Inserting a table frame.
Figure 25-7
Adding WordArt.
Insert Table: Use a table to portray facts in
a column and row format. After you click
Insert>Tables>Table, you drag the mouse
across the squares that represent the
number of rows and columns you want in your
table. See Figure 25-6. A table appears in
the publication.
Picture Placeholder: When you click
Insert>Illustrations>Picture Placeholder,
Publisher displays a frame with an icon in
the middle as you see in Figure 25-8. Click
the icon and you see the Insert Picture
dialog box where you locate and select the
picture you want to use. Click the Insert button
to fill the frame with the selected picture.
Insert WordArt: In Chapter 15, “Editing
Your Presentation,” you first discovered
WordArt to place on a PowerPoint slide.
Publisher’s WordArt is very similar, although
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