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Working with Frames
Click here to insert a picture
Shapes: Even if you do not have an artistic
bone in your body, you can still draw with the
Shapes feature. You can draw arrows, boxes,
stars, circles, callouts, and dozens of other
objects. Click Insert>Illustrations>Shapes and
choose a shape from the Shape gallery. Drag
in the document until the shape that appears
is about the size you want (see Figure 25-10).
See Chapter 15 for more information about
working with shapes.
Mouse pointer
Figure 25-8
Inserting a picture frame.
Clip Art: Office ships with hundreds of
clipart images and thousands more are
available online, free from Microsoft. Office
stores clipart in collections with keywords
so you can easily locate the image you
want. Click Insert>Illustrations>ClipArt. In
the Clip Art pane that appears on the right
side of the screen, in the Search For box,
type a word or short phrase that best
describes the image you want. Click the Go
button. (See Figure 25-9.) Click the image
you want in your publication.
Figure 25-10
Drawing shapes.
Draw Perfect
To constrain the shape so it is equally sized,
such as a perfect circle or a completely
straight line, hold down the Shift key
when drawing.
Page Parts: New to Publisher 2010 are Page
Parts, which include publication elements
such as heading bars, pull quotes, sidebars,
and others. Click Insert>Building Blocks>
Page Parts and choose the element you
Figure 25-9
Inserting clipart.
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