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Working with Frames
Chapter 25
Designing Your Own Publication
want. In Figure 25-11, you see a pull quote,
which I selected from the Page Parts gallery.
You use pull quotes to highlight clips of
text used in a story.
Click here to select the calendar month
Pull quote
Figure 25-12
Placing a calendar in your publication.
Borders & Accents: You often see border
art around a scrapbook page, but you can
also add it to your publication. Border art is
typically a repeating series of small graphics
that encompass a frame. Not every
publication type should have border art, as it can
make the publication look frivolous.
However, if you are printing a coupon or
some other lively piece of information,
border art may be just what you need. Click
Insert>Building Blocks>Borders & Accents.
A gallery of options as seen in Figure 25-13
appears. Select the one you want, or click
the More Borders and Accents option.
Figure 25-11
Adding Page Parts.
Calendars: If you are creating a flyer or
publication that requires a calendar, Publisher
includes a variety of daily or monthly
calendars. Click Insert>Building Blocks>Calendars
and either choose a calendar from the
displayed gallery or choose More Calendars
where you see the Building Block Library
seen in Figure 25-12. From here you can
choose a daily calendar or a monthly
calendar. If you choose a monthly calendar, on the
right panel, select the month you want to
display. Click the Insert button.
Advertisements: Click Insert>Building
Blocks>Advertisements to display a
collection of color-coordinated objects (see Figure
25-14) that you can easily add to your
publication. Many Publisher users find them
very helpful for filling in blank spaces. But
you will also find ready-made coupons,
reply forms, and other useful items. And
because they are objects, you can
manipulate them as you would any other object.
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